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"Reflexology with Sarah is a really relaxing experience, and the health benefits are amazing!. Even after one session. I have always suffered with my neck and shoulders, and I could feel the difference straight away. There are so many ailments that can be improved with Reflexology, and i would definitely recommend an appointment with Sarah."

Google Review, September 2019 

"Sarah has been brilliant. I see her twice a month, and always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. She is able to tailor each treatment, as my condition throws up a lot of different and fluctuating symptoms. As someone who hates having their feet touched, I really didn't think reflexology would be for me, but, I'm a complete addict."

Helen, April 2018 

“After a few sessions of reflexology with Sarah I started to notice some changes for the better to my condition, as well as to my overall well-being. I would highly recommend Sarah if you are thinking about giving reflexology a try, it really is an amazing treatment, and I felt really relaxed afterwards”.

Claire, April 2018

Sarah’s reflexology sessions are very relaxing, and performed in a very professional manner. She identified my issues to record for future sessions, to ensure continuity. After about four sessions I has a feeling of well-being and more energy. Sarah also used acupuncture points on my ears to alleviate pain using little ear seeds, this was very effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah for reflexology sessions for help in alleviating stressful and painful situation’s.

Margaret, March 2018

I found Sarah to be very efficient, knowledgeable and she put me at ease quickly. After three visits I was sleeping much better but after six sessions I was sleeping better than I had for years.  Now 12 months later I still get a good night’s sleep 90% of the time. She has also treated me for other problems, all of which she has helped me with. I would recommend her to anyone”.

Julia, January 2018

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